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Farming- Do farming runs at least once every hour

Farming- Do farming runs at least once every hour However, you should try to fit at least one morning, even if are only able to do it for 15 minutes. Herbs can be good for money while others are for spending but not necessary if are looking to save money.

Woodcutting- Try using an axe that is a dragon as soon as you are able. Cut teaks at the Tai Bwo Bwanna hardtree grove and burn them. It is possible to switch to mahogony anytime you want. It is faster to exp at level 68. This is because the max exp you can get in an hour in the hardgrove using level 99 wc and a Dragon Axe is around 40k WC exp, but also 60k fm exp, while ivies under the same condition can exceed 100k.

Ranged- Go to the Living Rock Caverns, and take a southerly route as far that you are able from the entrance. There's one spot that's just one block wide but it is two blocks long, so you should go to it. Two meelee living rocks spawn in the vicinity of that spot but are too large to get to you. Choose the best ranged bonus steel arrows, magic shorts, and magical arrows. Have food on hand for any emergencies.

HunterHunter Trap swamp lizards until you can switch to orange salamaders. Fletching- Take your own logs of maple and turn them into longbows. I'm sure you've opened them. String them afterwards and sell at the market. The fire-making process involves burning teaks in the Tai Bwo Bwanna hardtree grove.

Yews will be very slow from the moment they reach 99. They could average closer to 25k exp/hour. For members, you can use an arachnid hatchet for a an additional 15% speed boost however this is not significant in light of the time you've already spent.

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Re : Farming- Do farming runs at least once every hour

thanks for sharing this trick , this help me

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