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Brady did throw a good portion of his passes

As he grew closer to making his debut in the coveted Madden 99 club Brady's record would continue to grow in both online and in actual football. He was among the top players on the field and just barely missed his chance of a Super Bowl berth when the Pats fell to the opposition Colts. Brady only scored 24 touchdowns and 3,500 total passing yards during the season, however, it would turn out to be the last time that anyone could refer to Brady a "system quarterback."

Brady's 2007 season had already begun with a lot of promise but by the end of the year, it would become one among the most impressive statistical seasons of the quarterbacks in NFL history. Together with Randy Moss, who had endured a few rough years in Oakland after a few incredible years as an Minnesota Viking, Brady set record-breaking NFL record of passing touchdowns in a single season. He had an even 50. He surpassed Peyton Manning's record set in the previous season by a single touchdown.

Brady did throw a good portion of his passes towards Moss himself. He established the receiving TD record in his own time that year as the Patriots went on to become the first-ever 16-0 team in the league's history. Unfortunately for Brady along with Patriots Nation there was a brutal inside pass rush as well as an ridiculous last-minute David Tyree catch resulted in the Pats not achieving the perfect 19-0 year, even as Brady experienced his first Super Bowl defeat of his career to the New York Giants.

When 2008 came around, Brady no doubt had an unlit fire under his seat. In a bid to return to glory after a heartbreaking game against G-Men G-Men, Brady wouldn't get to prove that his team of stars could return to that promised paradise. He would be struck in the first half by a knee injury as a result of Chiefs Safety Bernard Pollard, and would continue to miss the entirety of the season. Naturally, the Madden team could not have predicted this, and Brady was still dominating in the virtual world that year, even as Matt Cassel tried his best to keep the team on the right track in real life. Brady threw just 11 passes in the year prior to being discarded however his statistics in Madden head-tohead certainly were superior as one of the game's 99-rated players.

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