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Fresh Urgent Quests will be on how to freshen things up in PSO2

This YouTube movie of mine gives you a first insight to the game, in which I listed the first hour of the match in the beta: What does New Genesis offer when it comes to character development? In PSO 2 New Genesis you can make a character from 4 distinct races: Humans, Newmans, CASTs and Deumans. For players to Phantasy Star, the races seem very similar. Deumans, for example, are people who have horns rather than ears.Phantasy Star Online 2: Everything Confirmed in the Closing New Genesis Prologue Video Here's what's new.

Sega's newest Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis info broadcast went out this week, and it's probably the last one we'll find before the game's launch next month. While not as large as previous showings, it did reveal additional details for content that was not available from the closed beta. The majority of the main content, aside from the narrative of course, has already been revealed in previous videos, so this was actually just showing off gameplay details.

Oddly, Sega still has not revealed a launch date outside of June, but there also have not been any announcements in PSO2 for June events or updates outside of certain bonuses ending with the release of NGS. It might mean the game is not quite ready for a launch date yet, although the closed beta went extremely well with no server problems. It is possible Sega is planning a surprise release to coincide with E3 like the manner Nintendo will surprise fans with a launch at the conclusion of a Direct, but for the time being, fans might need to wait and see.

One big launch we did get was that the promised character creator and benchmark instrument for NGS. This can be found in the PSO2: NGS site. This is the full version of the founder with everything that will be available at start by default. It's incredibly detailed as long as you are using NGS versions and not the updated PSO2 ones.

If you want to know more about pso2ah PSO2 Meseta, please visit

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