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There's a tiny field at the top

To accomplish this, you'll need to explore seven of East Luterra's nine regions. However, you will not have to go back into any of the dungeons . Nor will you need to search for and explore any secret or hidden locations. Some of these areas are huge and the monsters can be easy to overlook. If you're missing any from your list it's possible to locate all locations below.

Creepy Orchard The Weevil Monster's Location Flowering Orchard

From at the Sien Inn Triport, follow the southern path into a huge area of houses that's filled with insects. Make sure to stay to the left of the map, and continue to follow the road to northwest corner. There's a tiny field at the top, right on the corner when the path changes direction to the west. The Creepy Orchard Weevil is there in the fields.

Evil Legion Giant Commander Monster Location - Leyar Terrace

Then, leave Tamir Village and go through the center of the area above like you are heading towards Borea's Domain entrance. If you follow the right of the two paths when you ascend and you'll see the guard known as Weiny. Make a turn to the east here.

When you get into the next section there's Your Evil Legion Commander. He's got about 10,000 health He is extremely hard to hit and typically has at least one mini-boss level monster So be cautious. In lower levels, this is an intense fight.

Frenzied Agarus Monster Location - Borea's Domain

Go south from Galatur's Forge. When you arrive at a large area, head to the south exit. As the area begins to thin out, prior to getting close to the damaged cart on the right of the route to the right, you will see that the Frenzied Agarus.

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