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RuneScape - If you're in the market for a weapon

My prayers, when used constantly (just a protect pray) is able to wipe out my pray to 0 in two minutes or so. I use flash protection prayers (on just b4 opp atks then off shortly after), and with 2 prayer pots, I can run for much longer than the time it takes me to have full inv. It can be as long as.

Bad thing is, because of lag, even it isn't perfect from time occasion, and then i'm hit. If i'm not blessed with good def, the mere seconds of lag could mean the loss of half my savings lol. So , if I do turn on my prayer continuously in the evening, it'll end by the time I get about 2-3 kills. (blue drags) and with the pros, id get some extra minutes, and i rly wudnt be able to continue potting pray cuz its expensive too... But ty anyways.

I highly recommend The Fremminik Quests. They're fun to play and also come with an Neitiznot Helmet which is one of the best helmets available in the game. Secondly, since you've got a budget of 1mil I'd recommend doing Barbarian Assault. You can purchase an item called the Fighter Torso. It's cheap but it does give great Strength bonuses and looks alright.

If you're in the market for a weapon, strongly suggest the whip and/or Dragon Scimitar. Monkey Madness is needed for the Dragon Scimmy and it does take some time but it's absolutely worth it to build the strength. Whip, on the other hand is excellent for attack as well as defence.

Dragon Defender is good (once you get it). For a good set of gloves, I'd suggest you do RFD to purchase Dragon/Barrows gloves. The Mithril gloves, too, are great. For them to be obtained, you'll need to make a recipe for Disaster, and I definitely recommend you do that in the best way you can...

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