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It's a natural match-up as it follows the Super Bowl LV

In a shocking reversal of votes from fans, Hillis was chosen to be the keeper of Madden NFL 12 two years after. EA chose him as the perfect pitchman for the teaser trailer released on Monday. The message was made clear on Thursday with the barely-veiled message that Hillis goats were just substitutes for the two G.O.A.T.s.

It's a natural match-up as it follows the Super Bowl LV matchup in which Brady's Buccaneers beat Mahomes' Chiefs. This game is perhaps the most prestigious in Madden time. Brady is bound to be headed to the Pro Football Hall of Fame when the time comes for him to retire. Mahomes has a Super Bowl victory as well as Super Bowl MVP and could possibly be headed to Canton in the near future.

Madden may also be headed to a record-setting year. EA Sports has taken the Madden franchise's rich history and developed the game. The team also took the enhancements made in the first next-generation version, and then built on these to create Dynamic Gameday. The focus of the new game is three key aspects: Gameday atmosphere and gameday momentum, in addition to artificial intelligence that is driven by stars.

Fans of Madden will wake up and enter the game to see new presentation packs featuring Next Gen Stats elements. The packs effectively convey the thrill and drama of an NFL game like never before. EA removed a crucial feature from its old NCAA Football games to make it more relevant. The feature included noise from the crowd that makes for less effective presnap of hot route paths as well as scrambled play art. The game also immerses players in all aspects of on-field action.

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