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Madden 22 - Solo Battles became my preferred mode

I was able to achieve success in Man coverage generally, though I began using Zone when I was content to offer the opponent some. For instance, if I've got the lead only a couple of minutes remaining I'm happy to allow my opponent to play in my direction; I'll employ a Cover-3 deep formation to provide my opponent with some space, knowing that I'm not likely to let go of an important play. I can still get exposed if good players will play from the sidelines for example - however, I'm generally having success.

Although my knowledge is simple, I'm now making strategies with the goal to get a specific result in contrast to the intuition I was relying on prior to. And this understanding has helped me on offense, as I know that I'm in the middle of a Cover-2 or Blitz, and while I'm not perfect in understanding this, it has helped me to get some bigger gains.

Balls that are thrown outside for my receiver to play-action, for example in the event that I know the cornerback's tendency to descend into a deep zone is an example of the method I've learned to use that works.

I played a lot of games against the computer, and I wanted to ensure that I could win most of the time with the Competitive setting set to. The majority of Ultimate Team challenges plump up for the Arcade setting. And while I'd play these on the most difficult difficulty, I didn't find it an effective way to practice since quarterbacks and receivers are godlike in online games. The experience is significantly more realistic, so you don't have to throw an 80-yard ball into double coverage and hope to come up with the ball.

Solo Battles became my preferred mode, since it allowed me to play small matches against computers at increasingly difficult settings for Competitive. Within a few weeks, I had reached a level where I was able to slay an competitor on Pro and win at All-Pro however I do struggle on All-Madden. The online game is obviously harder when you're with a real-life human opponent, but people are also prone to impatience and mistakes that computers aren't able to make.

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